It's my most responsive yet!

I’ve decided to build a blog again. I’ve done this a few times in the past, but this time I actually wanted to do it right. Rather than just the rumblings I used to post, I want this one to be about graphic design, (mostly) with some rambling scattered throughout.

I also felt like the domain needed to be put to better use. I’ve decided to embrace my Designkai pseudonym since I use it so regularly everywhere. I felt that the domain (that I’ve owned since ’05) should actually resolve something with a bit of personal information. Or in this case, a lot.

I’ve built this new blog by hand, with very basic JavaScript, and a whole bunch of CSS3 and HTML5. Poo to all the outdated browsers out there. It should be highly responsive, and I encourage you to view this on every device you own. Everything has been coded using EMs that adjust at device break points, meaning that the layout should always look just so.

It is of course always being spruced up a bit, so there might be gradual changes. But I’m pretty satisfied with it for the moment. There might also be pages in the future, but I have no need at the moment.

I’m now using Kirby CMS, which I recently found and immediately fell in love with (I’ll write a post about that soon). If you don’t know it, look it up. But because of Kirby I can ‘art direct’ my blog posts, meaning that my posts may not even all look the same. I have no plan to have a different design per post, but it sure is nice to have the option.

Oh, and I don’t have comments for the moment. For now we can all just discuss it on Twitter - I’ve even put a “discuss on Twitter” button beside the date stamp on every post.


I’ve added Disqus! But I still haven’t written about the things I said I would… in due time.

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